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Real life looking baby dolls

Lifelike Dolls: Adorable companions for young and old

Lifelike dolls are so realistically designed by dedicated artists that the dolls look like real babies. Reborn dolls correspond to their role models in all aspects, from size to natural skin color to weight. Expectant parents will find valuable information here about lifelike baby dolls and which toys are right for them.

What are lifelike dolls?

Baby dolls have been around for a long time, but baby dolls that look absolutely natural are a recent trend. Reborn dolls start their life as conventional toy dolls and are then elaborately handcrafted by artists into lifelike baby dolls. Due to the elaborate manual work, lifelike dolls radiate their characteristic individuality. Lifelike baby dolls come in many sizes and poses. Parents can choose between peacefully sleeping newborns, crawling babies in diapers or excited, beaming toddlers.

Mishka 145cm Fit Body-Shannon


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