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What is a love doll? Can love dolls be companions?

A super-realistic sex doll that heals a lonely man. Recently, more and more people are buying for healing, taking pictures, and enjoying changing clothes, not for sex. Even if he's over 40 or 50 and single with no girlfriend or her wife, she won't marry because the luxury sex dolls have evolved so much. With love dolls, you can enjoy wearing cosplay, which is difficult to ask for real women, without worrying about it. Healing doubles, especially if you hold hands in total darkness. It is highly recommended for those who are lonely alone.

This is a doll shaped like a real woman for men to enjoy sex in a simulated manner. It's not just a doll, it's elastic like real skin, with a vagina and chest. Compared to masturbating with an onaho in your hand, it has the advantage of being incomparably exciting. You can have sex at any time. You can always have sex at your favorite timing, which is one of the real pleasures of love dolls. And above all, you can enjoy sex as you like while wearing the clothes you want to wear. In Japan it is called a real love doll or real doll, but overseas it is called a "Sex Doll", "love doll" or "real doll".

Although the doll is mainly for sexual activity, it can be used in a wide variety of ways, including taking a bath together, lying down, changing clothes, taking pictures, and taking pictures. In recent years, models equipped with AI have been developed, and we are still looking forward to the future. (At this stage, AI-equipped models only support Chinese and English.)

There are two main materials. Mainly, the material called TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomers) or silicon is used, and not only the modeling but also the touch feeling of the skin is made realistic. Because it uses a stainless steel frame, it is durable, and the joints can be moved freely, so you can pose almost the same as a human being. The sex dolls on the market are roughly divided into these two, and they are selected according to their purpose and taste.

162cm 6YE TPE Most Realistic Sex Doll Pure Girl

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