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Doll city adult game

The doll town - a journey into the past

In the Arnstadt Castle Museum you can marvel at counts, princes, princesses and their chambers both in original size and in miniature.

Entering the Arnstadt Castle Museum takes you on a journey back in time to the 18th century. Princesses, princes, counts and princes meet us here. Her chambers can be admired in miniature as well as in original size. The world's only doll town "Mon plaisir" collection shows the courtly life of almost 300 years ago in 82 rooms, but also that of the farmers and craftsmen. For example, you can see the carpenter, the turner, the weaver, the cooper and the butcher with their tools. In the courtly realm, the tailor, the hairdresser and the cooper complete the picture. All sorts of people cavort at the fair: wax makers and scissor grinders, various traders advertise their wares, bourgeois women walk from stall to stall, and a small troupe of actors with comedians should not be missing. A shoemaker sells sturdy leather boots for men, clogs for the common man, and fine slippers made of silk with gold borders and sequins. A pharmacy is just as much a part of the "Mon plaisir" collection as a court theater or a farm, and last but not least the many scenes set at court are worth mentioning. The banquet is prepared in the court kitchen, the wine is bottled in the cellar below, people sing and play music in the music room, play cards in a salon and minuet is danced during the big evening of dancing and entertainment. A miniature porcelain cabinet can also be seen, in which the prince is receiving a guest.

In the Beletage of the Castle Museum you can marvel at such a cabinet in its original size - a room specially reserved for precious porcelain. About a thousand porcelains from China and Japan stand on leaf-like consoles, tables, mantels, and on the floor.

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