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Fire Doll

Fire Doll is different from sex dolls from other brands. Fire Dolls are widely recognized for their exceptional quality and attention to detail. The sex dolls have character and charm. Price and quality have a very good relationship.

The prices of all Fire-Doll brand sex dolls are the lowest in the industry. And all love dolls are carefully designed to offer all the characteristics of a real woman: a harmonious body, 3 love openings, soft body and sturdy metal skeleton.

Like all other sex doll manufacturers, the Fire Doll workshop's dedicated inspection team is responsible for the quality control of each model after production. Our goal is to provide our customers with reasonably priced dolls that meet their expectations. We never sell dolls that don't meet all of our expectations in terms of aesthetics, feel, cost and reality.

Height Classification

140cm A Cup Fire Dolls 145cm C Cup Fire Dolls

155CM E Cup Fire Dolls 156cm H Cup Fire Dolls

157cm B Cup Fire Dolls 158cm D Cup Fire Dolls

161cm E Cup Fire Dolls 163cm C Cup Fire Dolls

163cm E Cup Fire Dolls 164cm D Cup Fire Dolls

165cm A Cup Fire Dolls 165cm D cup Fire dolls

166cm C Cup Fire Dolls 166cm E Cup Fire Dolls

168cm A Cup Fire Dolls 172CM B Cup Fire Dolls

156cm Big Boobs Fire Doll


156cm H Cup Asian Love Doll


157cm Real Life Adult Sex Doll


Al -166cm TPE C Cup Hot Body


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