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This is the official blog of our website, mainly to write some information and precautions about sex dolls and sex dolls, so that more customers can learn about sex dolls and find their own exclusive playmates.

Sex Doll Price Guide – How Much Does a Sex Doll Cost?


This is a safe general guideline when purchasing a sex doll. If you want a well-made, authentic sex doll from a reputable manufacturer, then you have to pay at least $1,000. The higher end brands will be higher than this, this is mainly due to the cost of materials and labor to make your doll. The construction of your doll is very important because the better it is made, the longer it will last in good condition.



Realistic sex dolls are a good place to start when looking for this type of experience. They will provide you with sexual satisfaction on demand for many years. From day one, when you open the box, they will provide that experience. However, there are also things you can do yourself that will greatly enhance the realism of your doll's experience.

Why some men prefer to sleep with sex dolls


Some men would rather sleep with inanimate objects than with real women. According to the demand, the sex doll industry and the choice of sex dolls have been increasing over the past decade. There are now not only sex dolls for women, but also dolls that look so incredibly realistic that they have become a surrogate for the deceased wife or a steady girlfriend for many men around the world.

The history and origin of the TPE beauties


According to historians, the idea of ​​a sex doll came from a Roman poet by the name of Ovid. In his story Pygmalion, a Cypriot king and sculptor carves a statue of a beautiful woman. She was called "Galatea" and she was so enchanting that he fell in love with her and asked the goddess Aphrodite to bring her to life so he could sleep with her.

How Real Dolls increase control over your sexual behavior


Uncertainty about unfamiliar areas and fear of making mistakes are two of the many inhibitions. Our lifelike love dolls can simulate sexual contact with real partners and thus promote a certain self-confidence in sexual contact.

Why are Japanese sex dolls the most competent life partners?


The present scenario shows that Japanese sex dolls are the most competent life partner. They carry a real girl experience with catchy eyes, soft skin and attractive body features. For the most suitable bachelors, these dolls are raised at the doors by the quick purchase and receipt of online services. The materialistic main body is made of rubber.

Let the unmarried own a real sex doll


If you have a small penis then you don't have to face low self esteem as these are not real people and you are not telling anyone. In addition, if you love Japanese or American girls, you will like Japanese sex dolls and American sex dolls that are easily available for you.

Why are the gel breasts easily damaged during transportation?


When the doll is more real and more suitable for our life, the breast becomes a very important part when buying a love doll. There are 3 types of breasts on our website, such as: B. initially firm breasts, hollow breasts and breasts filled with gel. As two sides of the coin, each has its own pros and cons.

Just looking at love doll nipples is soothing


Just looking at love doll nipples is soothing. Even on the day when the Internet environment was broken and I had a very inconvenient day because I couldn't use the Internet all day today, I was healed just by looking at the big nipples of the love doll while lying next to me. My troubles go away a little.

Enjoy sex with love dolls with handjobs and footjobs


If you want to give a handjob, choose a lifelike sex doll with bendable finger joints. If you value footjobs, you shouldn't buy a life-size doll that stands on its own. This is because the soles of the feet have metal fittings for the stand, so you can't squeeze your dick on the soles of your feet.

Porn sex doll made of TPE are still in fashion


Before we get to that, let's find out what TPE Dutchmen are and what you should expect from them. Recently, Dutch celebrity wives have also entered the market. Most of them are designed to resemble fictional characters, but we'll get to that later.

Dolls for adults expressing human feelings


Women take photos of their love dolls to make them look as real as possible. Stacey Lee is a New York fashion photographer obsessed with photographing love dolls to make them look as real as possible. She explains that she has always wanted a life-size sex doll and has been collecting quality love dolls since childhood, which she now uses as models for her photos.

Korean silicone love doll news


Many were handled by a government agency that imposed import restrictions on love dolls, which are legal in South Korea under a law banning materials that "litter the public streets." But thousands decided to take action after the country's Supreme Court ruled that big boobs sex dolls are a private matter.

Adult Nightlife Love Dolls Life Shopping Search


Honestly, today is the time to upgrade your life and enjoy one of our premium sex dolls. You've wasted enough time thinking about it. You need one of our products in your life. We offer life size dolls at some of the cheapest prices you can find anywhere on the web. You will not find such quality at such a price. So, what are you waiting for?

Speaking of lifelike love dolls


Female love dolls are toys for adults who want sexual pleasure but do not have a female partner. These manga dolls are designed to replicate the structure of the female body. Both have hips, breasts, curved buttocks and thighs, a vagina, and the usual feminine features.

You can find your sex doll on a beautiful girl's level


The good news is that you can find your male sex doll at the level of a beautiful girl with a sexy body and all sorts of important body parts enough to arouse your lust. Made of silicone material, these lifelike sex dolls look like a real hot girl, great to keep your long distance relationship.

Like many men with sex dolls say


Realistic sex dolls are also a way for couples to enjoy their threesome fantasy. Lifelike sex dolls can be ideal companions because the couple does not have to fear jealousy or emotional entanglements. She can also be ideal if they are struggling to find a third partner that matches their interests and goals in the relationship.

Men who like sex dolls describe themselves as sex doll wannabes that are more popular than real women


Chris said he made arrangements to take care of his real love sex doll after his death. He said: "I don't think it's fair to bury them together after I die. I can't treat them like that. It's like a person burying your loved one." So you want to try to mix uplifting and relaxing music. Scented candles, therapeutic light (dimmed light) and proper posture will help you relax more, allowing you to create a mood close to the star of female sexual arousal.

Doll cleaning services must be taken seriously


Clean the head. While you might want to take a romantic bath with the WM Doll, keep in mind that their body parts are not identical. For example, when bathing together, be careful not to submerge your head in water. Because with the special special tools assigned to this task, the head of your sex doll should be cleaned individually in different ways.

The internet is boosting the sex doll industry


The simplicity of the internet brings with it many challenges. One of the biggest concerns when shopping online is security. Every day more and more people are reporting online shopping scams and a large percentage of them are reported causing financial losses.

Real love dolls are a completely healthy and safe form of sex


Well, part of it should be clear to you. Unlike a real woman, a small sex doll or realistic TPE sex doll cannot transmit diseases. There is only you and you alone. Your Asian sex doll will come to your home a virgin, and she will remain faithful to you as long as you own and want her.

What influence do erotic love dolls have on life?


When it comes to living a good life, you need to make sure your sex life is okay. Most men and women struggle with sex. They don't get satisfying sex from their partner, but they stay with their partner because they don't want to cheat on them.

Feel the extreme pleasure of sex fantasies with love dolls


A fully vibrating toy that touches your clitoris and fills your body with new sensations. It sure gives you something different to add some extra fun to your bedroom. If you are with your partner and want to orgasm more than once, it is best to use specific toys, such as sex dolls, sex toys or love dolls.

I want to buy silicone sex dolls? What do I need to consider?


Silicone sex dolls are used to prevent diseases caused by various bacteria. The spray contains pathological flakes that help reduce skin irritation. premiumsexdoll is the best supplier of adult dolls and they are undoubtedly the best dolls in the business. You can buy dolls directly from their website.

Our sex dolls guarantee you heavenly pleasure and fun during foreplay and intercourse!


Male sex dolls are the best alternative especially for those who prefer to masturbate in a locked room door or who always feel lonely because of not having fun in their boring sex life. There are many reasons why more and more people fall in love with her, some of the main ones are the following.

Can adult sex dolls treat premature ejaculation and impotence?


Sex dolls are getting closer and closer to real people in texture. So, can sex dolls cure impotence? Premature ejaculation and impotence are forms of penile erectile dysfunction. This means that in the last three months the penis has not been able to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory intercourse. What are the causes of premature ejaculation and impotence?

Can dolls replace real people emotionally?


Sex dolls are substitutes and gratifications in real life. It's very similar to the psychology of a relationship, only it's more prone to owning and controlling a person. Maybe he's frustrated in real life, having trouble building a more realistic relationship, or has psychological needs that can't be met in reality, so he's acting out that part of his fantasy in the virtual world.

China is the largest exporter of erotic love dolls


With the awakening of individuality consciousness, people have more and more autonomy, and Cenozoic people have more and more open minds about using tasteful toys. That might motivate people to look for ways to please themselves.

5 ways to achieve a happy sex life


Love dolls are currently the hottest new category of adult products. If you search online, you will find many suspicious online realistic sex doll shops in Google search. As a suggestion from our store, we recommend that you buy from a website operated by a reliable Japanese company.

You can fulfill your wishes with a love doll that is just a humanoid doll


Honestly, I don't think it takes more than a moment to feel like a real woman. If you don't realize it, you'll feel like you're a woman.

How to buy adult silicone sex dolls for men?


The reputation of the manufacturer offering adult silicone sex doll online should be a variable to consider when making your purchase. Any adult doll that you buy always plays an important role in your buying process, especially when you make deals in the market.

Use adult sex dolls to improve your sex life


All realistic dolls are designed for solo pleasure or twosome sex play. There are special types of toys for both men and women, and their toys of different shapes and sizes are the latest way to enjoy happiness with your partner.

Do you know how sex dolls came about?


Accordingly, the history of life-size sex dolls goes back more than 2,000 years. The Roman poet Ovid published in 8 BC a collection of poems and myths that also included the story of Pygmalion. In the story, Pygmalion, a Cypriot king and sculptor, carves a statue of a beautiful girl named Galatea, whom he falls in love with and wishes to bring to life.

What users think after buying and using authenticity dolls


I have to say I was impressed with the real sex dolls. The only thing I've never heard of is that the dolls are made with vaginal inserts and not movable tongues, but I'm not frustrated, I guess I have a movable vagina. As you know, it is best to soak TPE love dolls with baby oil and petroleum jelly. These realdoll are amazing.