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What is a sex doll? Introducing a real sex doll adult doll

A Realistic sex doll is a doll with a shape similar to that of a real woman, mainly for men to enjoy sex in a simulated manner. Among the dolls made for the same purpose called sex dolls, the part corresponding to the skin is made of silicone etc., and it refers to an expensive doll whose feel and shape are similar to those of a real woman. It may be used not only for sex but also for pets, viewing, photography, etc. The most common doll materials on the market are silicone and tpe. In recent years, cute and beautiful faces that are close to those of real women have been pursued, and there are a wide variety of head types such as neat, gal, and young. Ai-equipped sex robots are also on sale, and you can choose according to your taste.

Sex dolls really feel like real human skin and flesh. If your budget is around €800 to $2000, you can easily own a real doll. With realistic sex dolls, you can improve your sex life. Premiumsexdoll sells and produces ultra-realistic sex dolls and, in the future, sex dolls or sex robots with artificial intelligence. These sex dolls are flexible and obedient, allowing owners to try every sexual encounter with them without the risk of sexual infection or guilt time to enter. They are a therapeutic simple treat for anyone in need.

Sex dolls are the perfect way to get through isolation and social distancing. Once you have your own sex doll, you'll want to stay home like never before. It will keep you healthy and improve your sex life.

Characteristics of silicon premium sex dolls

Flexibility: Soft
Elasticity: stretches
Strength: Weak moving parts and local parts
Skin changes: slight changes
Odor: None in particular
Advantages: High durability against temperature changes and aging
Disadvantages: Silicone doll material is expensive and manufacturing cost is high, harder than TPE
Characteristics of tpe love dolls

Flexibility: Very soft and close to the skin
Elasticity: Very stretchable
Strength: Movable parts and local parts are hard to tear
Skin changes: Easy to change due to pressure
Odor: Slightly felt
Advantages: Reduced damage rate due to flexibility and elasticity
Disadvantage: Since it contains a lot of oil, it is sensitive to heat and melts from around 100 degrees.

Real Love Sex Doll Precautions

● Do not store in the same position for a long period of time.
● After use, be sure to return the joints such as arms and legs straight and store.
● Be careful not to damage your toes, blades, or sharp objects.
● Avoid wearing clothing that may cause color transfer. We recommend wearing white underwear or stockings under your clothes so that the fabric does not come into direct contact with the product.
● Please keep away from direct sunlight.

Customer Feedback Picture:


Comment Date:2023/02/28

125 cm mini love doll that you will love

Anyway, the realistic modeling, small size, and the feeling of insertion are the best. It is really recommended for you who pursue reality.


Comment Date:2023/03/10

Asian super lust doll 165cm short hair and light skin

thank you. It felt great. I think the bath is the easiest to use.

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Lifelike sex dolls need to be lubricated before use. Don't be too violent, real dolls are delicate, please try to give the best care. The quality of the skeleton is the best material in the county, but it is best not to use violence or negligence to avoid unnecessary injury and trouble.

  • Unboxing and assembling – the crucial job
  • Best practices when using a silicone or tpe sex doll
  • Sex doll repair – the prerequisite to an extended lifespan
  • Dress your love doll
  • Items to accessorize your love doll
  • Experiment with new looks & hairstyles
  • Perfumes & colognes



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